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Designing a good cleanse is not easy, particularly for Candida sufferers who may already be experiencing fatigue and low energy levels. Consider what you eat every day and you will understand why a cleanse is sometimes the best way to give your liver and internal organs a fresh start. If you’re not too excited about the prospect of a vegetable-only diet for a week, think again! If you are going to follow an even stricter, liquids-only cleanse, you’ll need some extra nutrition.
If you are following a liquids-only cleanse, you should drink 2-3 bowls of this vegetable broth each day to replace depleted minerals. The first thing to mention in this section is that you should be drinking lots of water during your cleanse. There is another drink that you can use to support and protect your liver during your cleanse. What many people don’t realize is that this fecal matter, including the Candida yeast colonies, can get backed up and solidified in your colon.
This waste material can serve as a breeding ground for Candida, releasing toxins into your bloodstream. Colonic irrigation is really not as daunting as it sounds, but in some cases it can make your cleanse more effective. Colonics are especially useful for those Candida sufferers who experience chronic constipation.
Cleansing is generally a very healthy way to reset your health, give your liver function a boost and detoxify your body.
Cleansing can also be quite draining, so if you have a full time job its best to take some time off and relax in a comfortable environment. If you're looking for a more comprehensive Candida treatment plan, check out Lisa Richards' new program, the Ultimate Candida Diet.

Lisa's plan is based on the latest research into Candida, and contains everything you need to know to beat your Candida overgrowth.
Lisa Richards is an expert in digestive health and the author of the Ultimate Candida Diet program. Lisa's approach to beating Candida involves probiotics, natural antifungals and a low sugar diet.
That’s why I usually recommend eating small portions of salads and vegetables throughout your cleanse. And even if you are not doing such a strict cleanse, this can still be a tasty addition to your diet. In my Ultimate Candida Diet program, I describe a detox drink that is carefully designed to support your liver, promote bowel movements and encourage your body to expel the Candida toxins more quickly.
Known as a liver flush, it is also popular among cleansers and combines olive oil, garlic and ginger. Without a regular cleansing program it can get trapped there for years or decades, slowly releasing toxins into your system.
It acts to loosen and expel the hardened fecal matter within your intestine, eliminating the Candida yeast and its byproducts much more quickly than you can by diet alone.
She writes regular posts on the causes, symptoms and treatment of Candida, and has helped thousands of Candida sufferers recover from their condition.
Using the right combination of these three elements is the best way to overcome a Candida overgrowth.
If you begin your Candida treatment with a cleanse, you should be focusing on flushing your colon.
However if you’re feeling more adventurous, you can go for the full colon cleanse and stick to a liquid diet (more on that below). Cutting out these toxins and replacing them with fresh vegetables is a great way to start your fight against Candida.

The quantities in this recipe should last you for about 2 days of your cleanse, and you can keep it refrigerated during this time.
The fiber supplement gets your digestive system moving and scrapes clean the walls of your gut, while the super-absorbent bentonite clay sucks up any toxins sitting in your intestines and carries them safely out of your body.
The downside to colonics is that they remove much of the good bacteria from your gut as well as the Candida yeast.
Your cleanse should only last a few days so scheduling it around a weekend is often a good idea. This is where most of your Candida colonies reside, so flushing out this part of your body will go a long way towards beating your Candida overgrowth. It’s not as difficult as it sounds and always remember that you are only doing your cleanse for a few days. However, on this page I will describe two other detox drinks that are regularly used by cleansers. So if you unsure whether you need it, I would recommend that you stick to the dietary cleanse at first.
And if you experience an irregular heartbeat or any other worrying symptoms, you should stop the cleanse immediately. Consult your doctor or health professional before starting a treatment or making any changes to your diet. Your body will quickly adjust and you will end the cleanse feeling refreshed, light and healthy.

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