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Add the pasta sauce and brown rice, cover and cook for another 35 minutes or until the rice is cooked. This entry was posted in Mains and tagged brown rice, casserole, dinner, gluten free, healthy, main, pizza. Recipes added recentlyPotato gratin or Gratin dauphinois December 10, 2015  A Potato gratin is not the same as scalloped potatoes.
Many people prefer white rice even though brown rice has so much more to offer, nutritionally!

The post Potato gratin or Gratin dauphinois appeared first on Cake Loves Company.Marble cake with espresso ganache glaze November 29, 2015  When it comes to baking, often the simple recipes are the most satisfying!
Chocolate vanilla marble cake or Marmorkuchen is one of the oldest pound cakes and it originated in Germany. The rice is cooked in the tomato sauce, and so the whole grain flavour is not noticeable at all. The post Marble cake with espresso ganache glaze appeared first on Cake Loves Company.Granola bars September 30, 2015Once you make your own granola bars, you won’t like the packaged variety anymore!

The post Granola bars appeared first on Cake Loves Company.My favourite burger August 22, 2015  Homemade burgers are the best!

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