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Fitness boot camps usually combine cardiovascular and strength exercises to help build your overall endurance and strength. Unlike most fitness boot camps, the primary goal of modern weight loss camps is to slim down and lose weight gradually. From Vermont to California, weight loss camps are located all over the country, usually in a scenic setting conducive to guided hikes and other outdoor workouts.
In general, fitness boot camps are more accessible, variable, and flexible than weight loss camps.
Weight loss camps can propel you toward your weight goal after years of unsuccessful results.
Additionally, some camps make participation in daily exercises optional, which could be counterproductive for someone who desires strict guidance. Among fitness trainers and health experts, fitness boot camps enjoy a reputation for being highly effective workouts that train the entire body.
Weight loss camps are usually residential, meaning you sleep, exercise, and eat at the camp. Outdoor boot camps are extremely popular, and many instructors will hold classes come rain or shine.
Many boot camps are modeled on high-intensity interval training, which intersperses bursts of vigorous exercises with less intense ones.
Weight loss is secondary, although many participants enroll in fitness boot camps to shed a few pounds.

Often called weight loss resorts, they offer an all-inclusive experience that usually includes three restricted meals, a variety of traditional and alternative workout options, and lodging. They let you set aside external distractions and focus simply on losing weight by accounting for all of your basic needs. The camps’ expense excludes most people on a budget, and the overnight requirement can conflict with real-life commitments, such as work and family. One study found that the participants of a Florida residential weight loss center experienced a 4 to 5 percent reduction in body weight and improvements in their cholesterol levels and blood pressure readings. The American Council on Exercise supports boots camps, reporting that a recent study shows you could burn 10 calories per minute in one session.
Keep in mind you’ll have to suspend work and personal obligations to attend a residential camp. They don’t require overnight stays, although you can find luxury fitness resorts with pricing similar to weight loss camps.
In addition to independent fitness instructors, gyms are also expanding their services to include boot camp workouts. In large cities, you can usually find a good selection of specialized programs, including senior, bridal, and pet-friendly boot camps. Other studies have examined the effects of weight loss camps on overweight and obese children. While they’re not ideal for all fitness goals—such as bulking up—boot camps deliver a complete workout and can help you lose weight.

A typical class lasts 50 to 60 minutes, and many boot camps give you the option of attending morning, afternoon, or evening sessions.
As the name implies, boot camp exercises are more intense and challenging than the average workout, and many rely on interval training to strengthen your body over a short period of time.
These camps don’t always require a firm commitment and may allow you to pay daily or weekly, which means you can shop around for the best fit. If you have knee or back problems or major health conditions, boot camp exercises could lead to further injuries without supervision. The right camp also teaches the mental, emotional, and physical skills you need to recreate the camp’s structure at home and prevent relapses into old eating and exercise habits. The exercises they incorporate have been proven to burn calories and get you in shape while helping you shed pounds or maintain your weight. However, not all camps take this comprehensive approach; studies have shown that the majority of weight loss camp participants experience weight gain soon after leaving the structured life of the camp. If one of your goals is to lose weight, a weight loss fitness boot camp may be a better fit for you than a weight loss camp.
Researchers looked at attendees of Hilton Head Health and discovered that less than 25 percent managed to keep off 10 percent of their original body weight.

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