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Author: admin, 20.10.2014
Although the book contains a diverse range of bootcamp ideas and concepts, it also teaches the trainer how to structure the workout ideas throughout a simple yet highly effective 3 month training program. The book contains diagrams that illustrate the ideas very well, there are also clickable video links throughout the workouts that demonstrate some of the more technical exercises.
As you can see, the workouts are very challenging, however as you may have noticed, each workout (also throughout the book) is scalable to suit the needs of multiple fitness abilities, which in a class consisting of mix ability participants is essential.

I would highly recommend grabbing a copy of boot camp workout ideas volume 2 and putting it in to practice. Not only that but in order to systematically program the workouts for sustained success, your looking at spending a lot of time and effort which could be better spent attracting new clients and growing your business. The other great thing I found is that the workouts are open to interpretation, meaning you can easily change the format, exercises, and the design if you wanted to put your own spin on them.

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