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Author: admin, 06.11.2014
This season on BRAVO's Real Housewives of Atlanta we watched Phaedra Parks introduce the Donkey booty workout to Kenya Moore.
Kenya Moore, and Phaedra Parks, both released workout DVDs in competition with one another. One thing I noted on Amazon: although Kenya Moore's DVD was released March 5th, there were several reviews before the public had access to the DVD. Also, Straight From The A did some investigative work and found a picture of Miss Kenya from her Miss America days.That booty was no where near a stallion booty! Since it was revealed that Kenya would be releasing her DVD, the ladies have proven that they aren’t exactly above dogging each other out.

This workout is a heart-pounding hybrid of Suspension Training exercises and jump rope conditioning intervals to build total body strength and cardiovascular endurance.
Phaedra made her workout video childish by calling it Donkey Booty and Kenya seemed more serious. I really dont even pay that much attention to her booty unless she sticking it in ther camera on that show anyway. Someone should have told her that her body needed to be tighter for a workout DVD or maybe they did and thought the extra show drama would sell it…either way. However, if your cakes fail to expand, then one can visit their plastic surgeon as did Kenya then proceed to do a Booty Boot Camp DVD.

Kenya felt that because she had already put so much work into putting a fitness DVD project together, it would be a good idea for her to put out her own fitness DVD and…. Am sure that Phaedra knows that Kenya’s booty is nicer than hers (even though its fake) and she knows that Kenya is not the type of woman who you want to be enemies with. Am sure that Phaedra knows that Kenya’s booty is nicer than hers and she knows that Kenya is not the type of woman who want to be enemies with.

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