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Author: admin, 09.10.2015
A good boot camp exercise routine is made up of tried-and-true exercises for building the strength needed in extreme conditions. NOTE: A boot camp exercise routine can be entirely equipment-free, but the following program requires a basic, straight barbell, allowing for considerable variation in exercises, and overall swifter progress. This is a "short" exercise performed by grabbing the barbell and letting it hang down in front of the body (knuckles facing away from the body). This exercise is simple and straight-forward: Hold the bar with knuckles down, elbows tucked into the sides of the body and abs tensed. This is another great exercise for overall hip and thigh strength, with the added bonus of working the stabilizing muscles for better balance.

In order to get the true boot camp experience, these strength exercises can be paired with endurance-style cardiovascular exercise. Nowadays, these routines stretch far beyond the military, gaining popularity with exercise enthusiasts for their rapid results. Beginner weight lifters can let one foot rest on a box or similar to provide an extra push, while advanced trainers can use a weight belt to to make the exercise even more difficult by increasing the weight. Focusing only on the exercises mentioned above will produce noticeable muscular results within two to four weeks for most practitioners, but pairing these with three cardio sessions a week can make the physical changes even more visible. While the total movement is just a couple inches, it's a phenomenal exercise for building the shoulder and neck strength required for carrying heavy backpacks long distances.

Whether you want to lose weight, firm up, or both, this routine will help those who stick to executing it two to four times each and every week.

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