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Endothelial cell-derived MSCs may be a source of cells for regeneration of bone and cartilage tissues. Vascular endothelial cells expressing high amounts of ALK2 undergo EndMT, giving rise to MSCs in people with FOP. An important, unfilled clinical need is the development of new approaches to improve fracture healing and to treat osteoporosis by increasing bone mass. At sites of inflammation, these MSCs differentiate to cartilage-forming chondrocytes, which then undergo endochondral ossification to generate heterotopic bone—a disease hallmark and the cause of morbidity.

Recombinant forms of bone morphogenetic protein 2 (BMP2) and BMP7 are FDA approved to promote spinal fusion and fracture healing, respectively, and the first FDA-approved anabolic drug for osteoporosis, parathyroid hormone, increases bone mass when administered intermittently but can only be given to patients in the US for two years. The osteocytes are shown embedded in the bone matrix and the canopy of cells consists of bone-lining cells. As we discuss here, the tremendous explosion over the last two decades in our fundamental understanding of the mechanisms of bone remodeling has led to the prospect of mechanism-based anabolic therapies for bone disorders. CV denotes the central vessel of the Haversian system, which forms the basic structural unit in cortical bone.

All cells in this network are connected with gap junctions, which might provide a pathway (arrows) by which signals generated by osteocytes deep within the bone reach the surface and elicit remodeling events by OCs and OBs. Note also the potential direct physical contact between OCs and OBs, which would allow for signaling between these cells.

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