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Consuming a diet high in antioxidants is a way to naturally slow aging.Antioxidants like Vitamin A are also responsible for building strong bones, regulating gene regulation, maintaining healthy clear skin, facilitating cell differentiation, and supporting immune function. Nutrition experts and physicians recommend obtaining antioxidants like Vitamin A primarily by eating a well-balanced diet high in fruits, vegetables, and whole foods whenever possible, rather than from supplements.Symptoms of Vitamin A Deficiency Vitamin A is essential for normal vision, as well as proper bone growth, healthy skin, and protection of the mucous membranes of the digestive, respiratory, and urinary tracts against infection.
This study concluded that it would be cost effective to use vitamin A supplements for the treatment of these medical issues in children.( 1)3.

Consuming too much Vitamin A from supplementation alone, or in combination with other antioxidants, has been associated with birth defects, lower bone density, and liver problems.Over consumption of vitamin A can lead to jaundice, nausea, loss of appetite, irritability, vomiting, and even hair loss. Zinc deficiency might also limit the health and nutritional effect of vitamin A interventions on issues like night blindness.Recent studies suggest that the results of a vitamin D deficiency may be worsened by high supplemental intake of vitamin A.
These studies reveal that when blood levels of vitamin D fall below 50 nanomoles per liter, higher supplemental intake of vitamin A can worsen problems related to this vitamin D deficiency, like bone health.

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