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There are a lot of factors to take into account when figuring out how many calories you need. The result of this formula will be the number of calories you can eat every day and maintain your current weight. This is just one method of determining your body’s caloric needs and is only an estimate. On the livestrong website, it says that¬†male athletes should consume about 23 calories per 1 lb.
There is so much to consider and it’s good to use a site such as myfitnesspal¬†to figure out how many calories you are taking in a day compared to how many your body actually needs. Your BMR is the estimated number of calories (energy) your body expends when at complete rest—in other words, your daily caloric needs just to operate your vital organs, nervous system, muscles, and skin.

A calorie measures the energy in food and beverages we take in and we need energy for everything we do in our daily lives.
With all of the talk surrounding the latest fad diets and nutrition programs, information about our bodies’ basic needs often gets lost in the noise.
BMR varies based on your age, gender, height, and weight, and needs to be recalculated whenever one of these factors changes. I’ve often wished that there would be a calculator that projected weight loss from a current weight, when the body is fed a certain amount of calories.
As your physical activity increases through routine movements, and exercise, the number of calories your body needs increases. The energy expenditure chart indicates that if he is moderately active, his body requires an estimated 2649 calories per day.

For instance, if I was to eat 500 calories less than my recommended allowance every day how long would it take me to lose 2 stone (plus different types of exercise).
If you eat too little calories, you will put your body into starvation mode, and that isn’t good.

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