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Author: admin, 22.04.2013
In the 3-day split, the first 2 day you will workout and take a “rest day” the following day. 3-Day full body workout routine is especially designed for beginners as it involves full body workouts. It lets newbie get familiar with all basic exercises quickly as they’ll repeat them many times during the week. There are several variations available for a 4-day split workout, but most trainers like to perform the upper body workout followed by the lower body the next day, then take a rest, and then repeat the upper body and lower body exercises again. Like in 3-day workout routine, you can either take 2 days off the week or only take a day of rest. The ONLY disadvantage of taking a single day off instead of two is that it throws your workout schedule off balance for your next week workout (if that is crucial for you).

The 5-day workout split is the MOST advanced form of bodybuilding workout program that I recommend for anyone interested. There are several workout routines that makes you train for 7 days a week straight or even 2 times each day, making for up to 14 workouts each week. After you’ve trained for several years, probably for 2 to 3 years, and you’ve developed your maximal growth and strength, you may need to switch from beginner workout program to “5-day split routine” that focuses only 1 or 2 muscle groups per workout. Here are best bodybuilding workouts routines such as 3-, 4- and even a 5-day split that may suit YOU! After the final or third workout, however, you’ll take 1 or 2 rest days because most people often like to take their entire weekend off. 3-Day workout is an excellent body building workout routine to allow you to progress quickly and add up more volume if necessary.

4-Day split workout might be the one for you as it designed especially for intermediate trainers. Tagged: Bodybuilding Workout Routines About BrianMy name is Brian Pankau, and I’m a Marine that has become a certified personal trainer and nutritionist. I’m here today to bring you the information you need to succeed in your diet and training goals, and ultimately get ripped.

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