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Author: admin, 08.07.2013
There has been a lot of talk back and forth about the benefits or risks to following low-carb diets. But lots of new research is saying low-carb diets could actually be highly beneficial for losing weight, reducing cholesterol levels, and improving blood sugar. A 2013 review of 20 studies found that low-carbohydrate, Mediterranean, and high-protein diets could improve blood sugar, aid weight loss, and increase HDL (good) cholesterol. Unfortunately, this 2013 review suggests there may be more to lose than gain with low-carb diets. To understand what’s happening here, we need to go back to the motivations for people following low-carb diets. Other than having an effect on blood sugar and other cardiovascular outcomes, having too much fat and not enough carbs can make you sleepy, affecting both how alert you are during the day and how well you sleep at night.

The biggest danger with low-carb diets is that many people following it tend to substitute one bad habit for another. The United States Department of Agriculture suggests that everyone follow the MyPlate system, which recommends that around 30% of your plate be built on carbs. Another 2008 review found that the low-carb, high-protein approach to weight loss was highly effective, not only at reducing cardiovascular disease, but at helping people maintain their diet when compared to people on a high-carb, low-fat diet. In their analysis of 17 studies, researchers found that low-carb diets were associated with a higher risk of mortality (even though the risk of mortality from cardiovascular disease may have been lower)! It also proposes that early humans didn’t eat grains, had less calcium in their diet, less fiber, and so on. Instead of balancing their diet and making sure to cut calories without losing nutrients, followers of fad diets can often end up eating too many fats or not enough protein.

With the Atkins diet, it’s easy to eat tons of low-carb processed or restaurant foods that offer few natural vitamins or nutrients.
But for most people, you’d be better off with lowering the overall calories you eat, eating more healthy and unprocessed foods, and adding exercise to your regime to lose weight.
On the Paleo diet, you may miss out the nutrients found in forbidden healthy foods such as low-fat yogurt, beans, or grains.
And doctors have warned people away from low-carb diets for years, saying they weren’t balanced.

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