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Author: admin, 12.06.2015
Pertaining to diet, there are two important and critical factors that we should evaluate when it comes to what foods we are nourishing our dogs with. 1)Without a doubt, the best foods for your dog would be ones that are balanced, raw and home made diet.
One last note: Canned foods are almost always more nutritional than dried foods of the same brand.
Corn, wheat, rice and soy are all carbohydrates  that are not biologically necessary for a dog’s consumption.

Remember that many commercially prepared raw foods available are not yet proven to be nutritionally sound, so do lots of research.  Usually, raw foods  can be found in the freezer section in your pet store. Most honest vets would tell you that canned foods such as Science Diet or the Purina veterinarian   lines and Royal Canin, all score reasonably  low on the list of nutritional foods.
A well balanced diet is guaranteed to meet your pets basic vitamin, mineral and nutrient levels through strict testing Remember that nutritional deficiencies happen much faster in dogs than in people. The package should read” This food has been proven to be nutritionally complete or adequate for all life stages.

If you have found out that you are feeding a poor quality food, don’t worry, the ultimate goal is to strive towards feeding a better quality dog food.

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