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Author: admin, 23.02.2015
We as individuals are all looking for that somewhat elusive, that one and only diet, the one which will provide the best results, not only now, but far into the future too.
Regardless of the individual concerned, a healthy balanced diet has been proven on numerous occasions as being the most realistic way in which to lose weight. By making lifestyle changes with regards to our diets and also undertaking increased levels of exercise, we are encouraging and indeed achieving steady weight loss. You can also have 100% fruit juices and smoothies(juicing for weight loss is used in the popular juicing diet) if you so desire, both of which count towards your 5 a day. Not only will a healthy balanced diet (a good example of a balanced diet is The Zone Diet) leave any individual feeling fulfilled on a daily basis, it will ensure more significant results in the medium to long term.

It should, however, be pointed out that such drinks, although healthy, will contain more calories than you are perhaps aware. It is of the uppermost importance that life is enjoyed on a daily basis, and such enjoyment is achievable by following a healthy balanced diet as opposed to being answerable to a diet every single second of every single day.
In addition, it is relatively easy to increase the intensity of such activities, to ensure we get the most benefits from our exercise regime. First and foremost you should check your own individual BMI, and there are various calculators available in this regard. If you are classed as obese, aim to lose between 5% and 10% of your overall weight in the first instance.

As is the case with anything in life, realistic goals are the key to success, and having realistic goals make a healthy balanced diet that little bit easier to stick to.

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