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Impermanence of human life -- everything in life is impermanent, but glory (kleos) never fades. In the Apology of Plato (Dialogues 32, 41) when asked how he felt about his soon death, Socrates is reported by Plato to have replied that he had no feelings or emotions about death.
In The Cave, Plato describes several people chained inside a cave who have never viewed what lies on the outside of the cave.
But if there are real Forms of chairs and trees and red apples, then there are real Forms of humans, also. It was Plato’s emphasis on the upper story that appealed to people in Northern Europe during the Renaissance and during the Protestant Reformation, as opposed to the man-centered humanism of Aristotle which was favored in the Italian Renaissance. All three of these philosophers, Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, emphasized human reason as the major force of life. This speculation comes from a careful study of Greek pottery, art, and sculpture, which gives, in the opinion of some historians, evidence that the gods and goddesses may have been the glorification by the early Greeks of major characters from the line of Cain who lived prior to the flood.
The Athenians developed a complex mythology in an attempt to make sense out of human existence. Epicureans taught that the basis of human life was to “eat, drink, and have a good time, because tomorrow we will die.” There are no moral absolutes.
Sophists were an itinerant group of philosophers who emphasized the intellect as the basis of human success.

Some have suggested that Paul made a mistake by resorting to philosophy and logic in an attempt to be accepted by the Areopagus. Too many good things go unaccomplished because of either a bad beginning or not beginning at all. During the Reign of Terror in France all Christian symbols were removed from the cathedral in Paris and a statute of the Goddess of Human Reason was placed in the cathedral. When a boy baby was later born to Cleopatra, Alexander’s mother Olympia arranged to have Cleopatra and the child killed to prevent a challenger to Alexander’s throne.
Thomas Jefferson seemed to have favored implementing a certain form of limited democracy in the United States.
He probably did not write the Iliad and the Odyssey because handwriting was not discovered in Greece until about 400 years after the time Homer was said to have lived.There were Greek colonies all along the Ionian coastline.
But we are trapped in our human bodies and cannot conceive of those Forms other than by observing their shadows down here in the lower story where we live. For example, it is okay to laugh at a joke during lunch time, but probably is a bad idea in the middle of your grandmother’s funeral. Gaea seems to have been an earth-mother who was worshipped before the Indo-European invasion into Greece that lead to the Hellenistic civilization. Christian monasteries in mountainous Greece became the safe havens for the Christian scriptures and other Christian literature.

A bad taste was left in the mouths of the Athenians because the promised military assistance from Sparta never materialized. The sculptors have placed him as a mute witness to the Greek gods’ defeat of the Giants (Nereus’ Yahweh-believing sons) signifying the end of Greek faith in Noah’s God.
Assemble also teams of stone masons and have ready a large supply of stones.” The next morning 100 goats arrived together with teams of masons and loads of stones.
Second, if there is an unknown god, that god must have the ability and the inclination to hear us when we sacrifice to him or her. Athens was viewed by many as the big, bad, prosperous wolf of Greece and potentially dangerous to the other city-states. Third, in order to help us this unknown god or goddess must have the ability and power to actually do something about the plague. Greek honor guards at the presidential palace today in Athens have 450 pleats in their native uniforms, signifying the 450 years that Greece was subjugated to the Ottoman Turks. Cases such as people feeding these animals give the coyote a sense of trust that through adaptation will be bad in the future.  They have been known to become less afraid and more aggressive toward humans.

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