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Author: admin, 02.11.2014
We are using a baby led weaning approach, which means lots of finger food and some spoon food offerings, like yoghurt, mashed banana and mashed veggies. Feeding Miss 2 then consists of ballet moves around her highchair, zooming food into her mouth, fluttering like a fairy. I must look like a fool, she usually cracks up laughing & the food gets splatted all over my face. An elegant baby shower table idea is to have the food displayed on several different pedestal trays at different heights on the sweets table.
Here are some baby shower table ideas: have white satin table cloths and surround the borders with thick satin bows in the color that combines. I adapted this recipe from the Baby Led Weaning Cookbook using a stick blender, which makes it so easy to throw together. We went the baby led weaning approach too, even more so for my daughter and she is a great eater – I put it down to this approach in many ways.

We did baby led weaning with our youngest and her favourite food was avocado and pear mashed up together – sounds gross I know! Just slice a chicken breast into long, finger sized pieces (about 5cm in length allows bubs to easily grab one end and gnaw on the other). Wasn’t long after that that I discovered baby led weaning which made life MUCH easier! She would be whinging and refusing to eat a spoon full of something healthy… then instead of putting food in front of her I would quickly hand over a shiny, sparkly, CD to hold. In this article you’ll find tips on baby shower table decorations for the sweets, finger foods and gifts tables and also some photos to give you more ideas for your special event.
The flowers you pick can be exotic or delicate depending on what cool baby shower theme you chose. You might want to check out this baby animal name game and these coed baby shower games for more ideas.

Since this will be a large portion of the baby shower photo album, make sure your gifts table looks lovely.
Coat the chicken fingers in natural yoghurt, then roll in a mixture made of equal quantities breadcrumbs and finely grated parmesan cheese. I also create a separate list of things to buy and tasks that need to be done for each baby shower table that I’ll set up.
To prepare, just warm the pita bread in the oven, wrapped in foil, until it’s gently warm and nice and soft (check the heat before offering it to baby!).
Make sure that the trays that you use for the cold cuts and finger foods are color coordinated with the overall theme.

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