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Author: admin, 15.01.2015
As you may know, I struggled with a severe form of ulcerative colitis, an autoimmune disease. While the GAPS Diet absolutely turned my life around, it took a year of experimenting before I found foods that were impeding my healing process. In addition to this, the autoimmune protocol is an extremely nourishing, nutrient-dense diet and contains all of the nutrients needed to heal the gut lining, as well as the other parts of the body that have been broken down and inflamed by autoimmune disease.
Once the elimination diet is over, a person can then reintroduce foods systematically to find out what their tolerance is to the various un-allowed foods, but until they get to that point, they need to be 100% strict. Mickey: I generally recommend people start with a month for the diet, but it is best not to reintroduce foods until you feel a measurable improvement in your symptoms. Some people start to feel better, and they continue on the elimination diet because they want to keep healing. I think adding certain foods to my diet, like homemade bone broth and organ meats, has been as helpful as removing certain foods. Mickey: The Autoimmune Protocol is as much about the additional healing foods as the foods that are avoided. Mickey: The Autoimmune Protocol is not a sugar-free diet, although refined sugar and excessive fruit consumption is not allowed. I use fruit in some of my recipes for flavor and to add a touch of sweetness, but they always appear in the context of adequate fat and protein (like some citrus in a pot-roast, or cranberry short-ribs). Learn more and get the Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook here, and don’t forget to check out the other wonderful resources and free recipes on Mickey’s site!

You may also enjoyAutoimmune Paleo: How to get startedGrain Free 101 Giveaway – $90 Value! Get the Empowered Sustenance NewsletterJoin 50,000 others and receive recipes, wellness tips and my e-cookbook Grain Free Holiday Feast delivered to your inbox! Hi, I came to this site while searching for information about autoimmune diets because I have chronic urticaria (DPU, angiodema type), vitaligo, and sjogren’s. No, I don’t believe everyone with an autoimmune disease would be better off on AIP than GAPS. I quickly gained remission and was able to stop my medications after starting the GAPS Diet, a popular protocol for autoimmune disorders. Once a person experiences a measurable improvement, they can then reintroduce foods to see which ones are contributing to their symptoms, ending with a unique diet that promotes the maximum amount of healing for their bodies. In addition, anyone who suspects that they may have an autoimmune disease or has undiagnosed symptoms should try the autoimmune protocol. It is very important for those with autoimmune disease to stay grain-free, at the absolute minimum.
Blood sugar issues are well known to cause autoimmune flares, so I stress that people take it easy on the fruit and treats without completely depriving themselves. The American Autoimmune Related Diseases estimates that 50 million Americans suffer from an autoimmune disease.
Understanding the root cause of autoimmunity is key to healing it, so we’ll go into more details in a moment.

Recently, I learned that I had modified my diet to closely resemble the Autoimmune Paleo Protocol (AIP), a dietary regimen for treating all variations of autoimmunity.
All of the foods avoided on the autoimmune protocol are those that have been shown to exacerbate leaky gut, and strict avoidance gives it a chance to heal. All of these foods are incredibly nutrient-dense and contain the raw materials to heal the gut and promote healthy flora balance, which is what the Autoimmune Protocol aims to do. Out of desperation I decided to try the Autoimmune Protocol, and finding out about my food sensitivities turned out to be the thing that enabled me to find health again.
Many high-histamine foods are not allowed on the AIP diet, and I’m sure there are similarities in what is malfunctioning in my skin mast cells and what is happening in mast cells lining the intestine etc. Mickey has taken what can seem like an overwhelming amount of change and condensed in into a practical guide, The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook. If you are ready to make the commitment to heal, then I strongly encourage you to look at the The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook, an essential guide for the protocol. This year I finally tried it out of boredom with my diet and I discovered it’s amazing!

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