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Author: admin, 22.03.2015
Last week Tom Philpott of Mother Jones wrote a piece titled Lay Off The Almond Milk, You Ignorant Hipsters. The organic-kefir loving author of the above mentioned post outlines a few reasons why he is not almond milk’s biggest fan. Carrageenan – Some almond milk may contain this seaweed derivative commonly used as a stabilizer in beverages.
Love the pros and cons in this post :) I am an almond milk drinker because I have IBD and dairy bothers my stomach, but when you say that Almond milk could cause inflammation it makes me wonder.
Hey Becky, yes it is pretty crazy is it… I have to admit I do enjoy the taste of homemade almond milk though.

In California, where 80% of the world’s almonds are produced, the worst drought on record is happening. He quickly responded with a follow up post Boy, Hipsters Sure Are Defensive About Their Almond Milk. See my post Milk Alternatives – Finding The Best One For You for a little more insight into the different types of milk alternatives including their pros and cons. It seems that some people are pretty defensive when it comes to their plant-based milk of choice.
Myths surrounding soy milk have already done their damage, and for many plant-milk drinkers there is no going back.

Which ever milk you choose, make sure your choice won’t create a deficit in any important vitamins and minerals.

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