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Author: admin, 01.10.2014
Research has shown that replacing long cardio sessions with shorter, high-intensity burst-type exercises, such as Peak 8, actually produces GREATER results and in far less time!
Four years ago, the American College of Sports Medicine issued new guidelines on exercise, stating it must be “tough” in order for you to reap physiological benefits. That said, their updated guidelines falls in line with other research showing the superior health benefits of high-intensity exercise. The reason for this is because high-intensity exercises engage a certain group of muscle fibers that you cannot engage through aerobic cardio, and these engaging these muscle fibers cause a cascade of positive health benefits.

Neither traditionally performed aerobic cardio nor conventional strength training will work anything but your slow muscle fibers, and hence has no impact on production of HGH. Power training or plyometrics burst types of exercises will engage your fast muscle fibers, but only high-intensity burst cardio, such as Peak 8 exercises, will engage your super fast fibers and promote HGH, and that is the “magic” factor that explains why it’s so much more beneficial for you than traditional aerobic cardio. The take-home message here is that one of the best forms of exercise to protect your heart is short bursts of exertion, followed by periods of rest. By exercising in short bursts, followed by periods of recovery, you recreate exactly what your body needs for optimum health.

If you have a history of heart disease or any concern, please get clearance from your health care professional before you start doing Peak 8 exercises.

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