Tim Arndt, March 14, 2012Log in to ReplyAs you mentioned Alfonso, training style and genetics have a lot to do with this. Of course, if you don't do much distance or stamina training and gain weight (even if it's all muscle), you won't have the same stamina when moving the additional weight. I think you are basing this article in biased personal experience and anecdotal observations, rather than solid reasons. Studies show that big compound exercises, such as the squat and the deadlift, boost the testosterone in your body more than any other exercise.
Running, the cross-trainer, and other forms of cardio will never work your legs like squats and deadlifts do.
BoSu stepups, stair runs, stair stepups, jumping jacks, etc can be used if no elliptical, row machine, bike, etc (for us frugal workout bosses! Most leg exercises out there only target one or two leg or butt muscle groups and do so very poorly -- which leaves you with stubborn underdeveloped “problem areas” in certain under-worked regions of your lower body. You have to work the entire leg and butt area and running on a treadmill or stepping up on a stair-stepper won't help build muscle and reshape these areas.
If you want your great legs and butt to turn heads when you walk down the street then read on. This unconventional leg workout uses the best compound exercises to target ALL the major and minor muscle groups in your lower body to give you the best fat-burning, booty-shaping, thigh-toning workout around! 5 minute mobility warm-up (stretch to warm up your major muscle groups, and do light exercises like leg raises, reverse lunges, and free squats to get the blood flowing to your legs, butt, back, and core.
Incorporate this workout into your routine twice per week, and watch that cellulite vanish as you tone and tighten your toughest problem areas! To see even more amazing fat-fighting results, get your very own workout and nutrition guide below! This entry was posted in General Fitness and tagged thighs, toning, fat loss, butt, legs, cellulite, muscle, great legs, toned butt, feminine shape by Jill Jacobs.
Second, Great question!The only (yes ONLY) way to get that hard, “toned” look and feel you’re after is to build muscle.
2.The above exercises will help you to build the muscle that will make your butt and legs look toned! Many women have the same problem areas that you mention — and the key to getting your legs more toned is through the right combination of cardio and complex lifting exercises, as well as proper nutrition! Trust me, you are not the only young woman out there who wants to tone up your legs — the thigh region (especially the inner thighs) are one of the biggest problem areas for us… but the good news is that I can help! Hey, I’m 14 and I’m in high school but I have these skinny legs that I just want to get tone and Shaply especially my calves!
Leana, I will send you an email to the email address you provided… the response is too long for me to post! Male belly fat can only be burned three ways: diet, workouts with weights to build lean muscle, and structured cardio. Hey there, I am Gene and I'm a gym junkie, I was bitten by the fitness bug when I was a kid.
My favorite is when a 187 pound woman with a plate full of doughy, greasy food asks me how to get a body like Jessica Biel.
By about the fourth such inquiry I usually start looking at the drapes and wonder how long it will take me to fashion a noose out of them and attach it to the ceiling fan while praying that it will hold my weight. While browsing the food selection I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around to see my friend Heather. I do weights three days per week, take a bootcamp class, an aerobics step class and walk three miles every other day. He handed me a very large glass of straight vodka and told me to drink up cuz he wasn’t about to throw a haymaker in my direction. When you build muscle you will end up looking better and burning more calories at rest, meaning it will help you lose fat and get leaner. While many females ask me about how to get a body like Jessica Biel, the fact of the matter is none of them will ever come close because they have a fear that they will end up looking like Hulk Hogan in a matter of weeks so they shy away from lifting weights that will actually do anything.

No matter what you have been brainwashed to believe from watching Oprah or reading US Magazine, girls should not be lifting soup cans and three pound dumbbells with the thought that it is actually going to do a damned thing. It’s not how much you sweat or even how many calories you burn during the workout that is important but rather how many calories you burn in the 24-48 hours after your workout, during the recovery period. Lifting heavy elevates your metabolism to a much higher degree and forces you to burn far more calories all day long than light weight, high rep training does. These include military presses, bench presses, bent over rows, pull ups, dips, squats, deadlifts and all their variations. Some people do the exact same workouts with the exact same weights over and over again for months or even years and never get anywhere.
Once you do something new, your body will do all that it can to adapt to the stimulus so that it is prepared for it the next time and does not suffer the same shock and trauma. So if you bench press 65 pounds for two sets of ten reps today, your body will rebuild itself bigger and stronger to prepare for that challenge again in the future. You can do this by adding more sets, decreasing your rest periods, or most importantly and most effectively; increasing the weight. I once wrote an article for a female fitness magazine and when I suggested that the readers increase the weight once the movement became too easy the editor I was working with freaked out.
Yeah, tell them they should be in the kitchen, bare foot and pregnant like they belong, for Christ’s sake!
At this point Kristin had her hand on my thigh and over the course of the last half hour as the vodka kicked in, she started to look better and better. These differences are not of major concern and the fact is that many females could get great results doing the exact same workouts as their male counterparts. Because they are usually weaker and have less overall muscle mass than males; females recover faster.
Because they are weaker, less muscular and recover faster, females don’t need to rest as long between sets. If you give them a workout that calls for the same rest periods that males use they will be bored to tears.
After our discussion Kristin seemed satisfied, and since I can’t say that for most girls after they spend a half hour on a couch with me, I was pretty happy as well. Of course diet is a large part of it but hopefully this article gets you started on the training. Jay Ferruggia is a fitness & lifestyle consultant who has helped thousands of guys get fit, get their shit together and start living awesome lives.
Since 1994 I've helped thousands of guys build their bodies, strengthen their minds, and optimize their lives. He can't go no more even though he lost a lot of muslce in order to improve his speed and endurance.
You don't see PROFESSIONAL marathoners running at 215 pounds, but if you have ever been to a marathon, you can see runners of all shapes and weights. In fact, many footballers, runners and other athletes, incorporate heavy leg training into their regime to help them improve for their sport. I hope you are having a happy and healthy summer so far, staying both physically and financially fit!
Particularly, you should spend more time doing strength exercises that force you to use as many different muscle groups in your lower body as possible, such as the deadlift, straight leg deadlift, box squat, goodmorning, and dumbbell step-ups.
This program was designed for girls just like yourself, and will ensure that you get the BEST results in the long-run!!
Stretch marks are very common, and are the result of breaking down the skin’s connective tissues due to things like rapid weight gain or loss.
First of all, make sure you are eating healthy, drinking enough water (hydrated skin is less likely to create stretch marks if strained), and exercising. Of the three, DIET is both the quickest and the most effective.You CANNOT lift or run your way to get defined abs. This blog is meant to serve as fitspiration for me and others who want to get some workout inspiration.

Heavy sets of 8-15 reps are the way to go for most females looking to get that lean, athletic look. The question wasn't about stamina or endurance, but speed and whether having more muscle slowed people down.
I have gained muscle in the last year and yes my endurance has dropped but my power has increased.
In the hours and days leading up to my max squat and deadlift sessions, I really have to mentally psyche myself up. Not only does it look ridiculous, but it can”t be very healthy having such big muscular imbalances.
I’ve tried different workouts before but they always make my things bigger and does nothing for my nonexistent butt.
Ive been working them out for almost 1 year now and see little difference in addition to eating healthy. You can get defined abs with commitment and a solid strategy.You do NOT have to purchase any supplements.
You have to make even better food choices while establishing a slight calorie-deficit each week.* The first thing guys have to get past is that they will lose huge amounts muscle and size if they lower their caloric intake slightly.
I believe there are 3 key things when it comes to getting the body of your dreams, they are proper nutrition, exercise and rest.
She couldn’t understand why someone like me who was a trainer and regularly performed cardio type exercises was slower and breathing heavier. For me, I need to motivate my 215 pound body while running, which requires a great deal of effort and energy expenditure. Including the workouts on your complete program what would be a good way to start and keep going!!
While there are a BUNCH of products available out there that claim to “erase” cellulite and stretch marks, I do not believe in spending a ton of money on something that may not truly work.
Additionally, exercising regularly will help to tone your body and reduce the appearance of those stretch marks.
Also, please understand that significantly reducing the appearance of stretch marks will take some time and patience… but that if you take care of yourself and adopt some of these home remedies I’ve listed below, that you should see significant improvement in a few months! I love helping anyone who is interested in their fitness or anyone who wants to get a lean ripped physique.
If I do a set of burpees, jumping jacks, even squats and jump rope, I’m sometimes huffing and puffing (check out my Workout videos for further proof!) And if you look within sports you’ll see the same. As part of his training, he paddles between the hawaiian islands (40 nautical miles) and does a LOT of endurance work. Watch a boxing or MMA match and keep track of the stamina, quickness and conditioning in the different weight classes. Every now and then you may see a genetic freak, but for the most part the lighter guys are faster, more nimble, have better endurance and conditioning and aren’t huffing and puffing by round 4 like the heavyweight monsters. Lean muscle mass gets their attention real fast.You can get the look of an Olympic athlete. They had so much muscle and were so disproportionate that their muscle mass called for oxygen far beyond what normal requirements.
With the exception of people who are true mesomorphs, meaning they’re heavily muscled through genetics, most people you see walking around that carry extra muscle mass work very hard to gain and keep it.
And that means the chances are that they don’t run very often and when they do, not for long distances.
Eat more fruit, eat more vegetables, eat more solid protein sources.* Your weight workouts need to be brief (less than an hour) and focused on increasing strength through total-body, fundamental compound-joint lifts.

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