I've found that Dream Dinners is a great way for me to 'cook' healthy, perfectly portioned meals. Celebrate Thanksgiving festival with very tasty and spicy dinner menu but also pay attention towards Nutrition Facts of dishes. Sometimes Thanksgiving Dinner served in afternoon when family and friends get together to share in the splendor of food, drink and company. When restaurants put menus together, they try to plan for multiple meals that use the same ingredients.
The key to ensuring dinner does not become boring is not in the basic ingredients but in the spices.
I choose whatever I want to cook for the week, either one of their menus, (you can change their menus) or make my own menu from their recipes.
We each bring the fixings for one meal that can be frozen and by the end of the night we have four or five meals that can be frozen and pulled out when we need a meal in a pinch.

It's like having a sous chef - I can throw together amazingly delicious dinners in no time and my family loves them. Thanksgiving Dinner is about celebrating great quantity of foods that means you do not have to eat abundance of unhealthy, fattening foods.
Make the best thanksgiving Dinner menu including all special meal like appetizers, side dishes, main dishes (Turkey) and deserts.
But since you have just started, you need to ditch the idea that all of sudden you are going to be able to cook dinner every night.
Almost all dishes of Thanksgiving dinner are prepared from foods native to the New World including cornbread, turkey, cranberry, blueberry, hominy and mush. I want dinner to be a family time, especially since all of our kids are in grade school and not as dependant as they used to be, but right now I spend the evening in the kitchen while my family waits patiently in other rooms. The best thanksgiving dinner is completed with turkey and gravy, sweet potatoes and the best turkey stuffing.

You can make your thanksgiving dinner more attractive by garnishing with green beans, carrots, sweet potatoes and green.
As to your goal, don’t worry: practice makes perfect and as you cook more frequently it will go faster.
Depending on their ages, you can (eventually) teach them to prepare some of these items like rinsing the lettuce, chopping the onions, forming the meatballs, etc. You got leftover meatloaf: pseudo-hamburgers (just pop some veggies on the broiler for a side et viola). Stop spinning your wheels about finding new recipes and start spinning your spice rack to make new twists on existing recipes.

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