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Depending on the size of your turkey, you’re going to need to start working on that bird five to seven hours before dinner is served. Valentines Day is traditionally a day for romance so let me whet your appetite with some romantic dinner recipes, just for two.Serving a romantic dinner at home is about more than just the food, you will want to create the right atmosphere to go with the perfect meal. The most important advice I can give to a new cook is to stick with simple recipes and not to try something new on the night. If you are going for the full three course meal then the cutlery needed for your dessert is positioned closest to the plate, followed by the main course and those for the starter on the outside.Remember to leave room for the plate on which you will serve your main course, so that you don't have to go fishing around under it to find your cutlery!Keep in mind the condiments you will be serving with each course. An egg cup can do double duty as a container for ground ginger to sprinkle on melon for your starter, or for mustard to accompany a steak main course. I hope these romantic dinner recipes have whetted your appetite and that your special night is a success.
One-pot meals are so convenient too….just throw all of the ingredients in the pool, put them in the oven, smell the deliciousness while it’s cooking, and in no time it’s ready to eat. If you’re better at this than me, you may prefer to add the veggies to the roast after its been cooking for about an hour and a half. Shred the meat with two forks and serve with the veggies.  Top the meat and veggies with the juice from the pan.
While I’ve made Thanksgiving dinner for the last 10 years running, only once was it for my own flesh and blood, but I assure you, Turkey Day for groups of friends causes almost as much chaos.

Call them now and reschedule the time they’re supposed to arrive so they get there about 90 minutes before dinner is served.
While you’ve hopefully delegated the purchasing of wine and booze to your guests, make a trip today for your secret holiday stash.
Make sure there are no pinfeathers, and be sure to pull the giblets and neck out of the inside of the turkey and do with them what you will. If fashion is high on your list of concerns, you can change your shirt right before you serve dinner.
Because in what seems like mere moments, it’ll all be over, and everyone will be crowding around the TV to watch football like it never happened. If you are tempted by new romantic dinner recipes you might like to have a trial run beforehand, and take notes of the timings.Rather than do all the preparation yourself, you might like to share the experience, even if you only have a small kitchen to work in! Remember, keep it simple sweetheart (KISS), don't overcomplicate things if you are new to cooking, and enjoy yourself.Oh and after your meal don't forget to make some of these homemade valentine candies, to share when you cuddle up in front of the romantic movie on TV. So, any insecurity you might have about your cooking skills is magnified by whatever factor equals how much your family members stress one another out. Add between two and two and a half hours to the time specified for your turkey, and start the countdown from there. Try to keep your centrepiece low, so that you don't have to peer round it to have a conversation with your dinner partner!
I like to turn the heat off when they feel almost done because I let them sit, still cooking, in the hot water a while and I don’t want them to get mushy and gross.

I doubt I will ever live it down, even though I have served him many a tasty duck since.Again, I would beg to remind you, to try any new romantic dinner recipes out before the special occasion. Safety first: Keeping the bird cold is important, because no matter how much you might enjoy some passive-aggressive revenge on your cousin for stealing your best Barbie in 1976, you have to eat the food, too. What’s worse, this scene becomes your Groundhog Day, and does nothing but repeat with each cocktail made once the ice is gone. If there are small kids, explicitly ask one person to keep them corralled until dinnertime.
Have helper #2 strain the water off the potatoes for you, then add the milk and butter, and salt and hand them back to helper #1 for mashing, since the gravy should be done now.
Now, get ready, because as soon as you uncover the potatoes you have to begin soaking up the compliments for how delicious everything looks. Give any guests who follow you into the kitchen, claiming to be stain experts club soda or iodine or icing sugar or whatever they require.
Tell your bartender to open the wine, and get everyone whatever they want to drink with the meal.

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