We offer a wide range of low carbon steel bars, which are made from high quality material to provide efficient performance at client's end. Low carbon steel is a type of metal that has an alloying element made up of a relatively low amount of carbon. Items made from low carbon steel compete with products that can be manufactured using stainless steel and aluminum alloy metals. The carbon content for panels that are made of low carbon steel alloy is usually quite low, generally less than 0.10%.
The steelmaking process as well as the deoxidation method can influence the properties of low carbon steel.
The hull of the Titanic was made of steel high in MnS (manganese sulfide) inclusions; rendering it brittle in ice-cold conditions.

I have heard rumors that the use of low carbon steel during the manufacturing building of the Titanic is the very reason that it crushed when colliding with the iceberg.
I think that any time you purchase a product made from steel it should be the highest quality steel available. Attaining low carbon levels (below 0.10 percent) has only been possible for the last 30 years with the advent of more modern process technology. Modern steelmaking methods have made it possible to create high-strength, low carbon steels with superior physical properties when compared to older steel grades which were strengthened primarily with carbon.
This just goes to show you the importance of using proper steel for the proper job. Low carbon steel should only be used when the human lives are not at risk if it happens to fail.
Unfortunately the low carbon alloy steel that is available on the market is simply not appropriate for critical types of load bearing. There may be some legitimate uses for low carbon steel, I truly think that any time you need to purchase something made of steel it is important that it have a very high carbon rating.

Low carbon steels offer superior strength and ductility when alloyed and manufactured correctly. In contrast to the comment below, the microstructures created with higher carbon contents do not posses as high a ductility to strength ratio as those produced (and alloyed correctly) with lower carbon contents.
Low carbon steel microstructure is simply not up to the task of ensuring the job is done right. By the way, the brittle nature of the Titanic's steel at lower temperatures is directly attributed to the presence of MnS (Manganese sulfides); impurities that are easily removed with modern steel-making equipment.

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