It comes in at 4 net carbs per slice, so for 8 grams of carbohydrate, you can make a killer sandwich. Organic Low Carb Herb Bread enhanced with the flavors of rosemary, olive oil and whole wheat flour.
The herb bread is wonderful for grilled Swiss Cheese and Pastrami, or any other spicy type sandwich. Nature's Own Reduced Carb Bread, and we think you'll find it to be soft, delicious, and "normal" tasting. LC Foods Corp., an american company has recently released a range of low carb flours that allow people living the low carb lifestyle to finally have all those things that have been denied to them for years.

Low Carb Central (our parent website) is the sole Australian importer of LC Foods’ low carb product range.
The best low carb bread in Oz!For the largest low carb bread range in Australia, you simply must visit Low Carb Central's bread section! Almost 20 different low carb breads to choose from including wholemeal, multigrain, breadrolls, sweet breads and more! We have stocked nearly all LC Foods’ deliciously low carb product lines and have them available for purchase in Australia.
No matter what sort of low carb bread you want to make, or what type of low carb flour you need, Low Carb Central sells it.

Because suddenly, you can bake the way you always have, but produce low carb foods in your own home.

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