Using a protein that helps cardiac cells replicate, researchers found they can spur the growth of new cardiac muscle by delivering the protein to the heart using an implantable patch that returned animal hearts to nearly normal function within weeks. Researchers looked to a variety of animals whose hearts appear to have regenerative qualities, eventually looking at epicardial cells, which are found in the outer layers of the heart, and stimulate existing heart muscle cells to replicate.
16 (UPI) -- Most people survive heart attacks immediately, but the damage to the muscle and scarring that results takes a toll that eventually leads to heart failure -- of which many patients die within five to six years of developing.

The patch was tested with mice and pigs, showing that it stimulated new muscle growth in the animals after they had had a heart attack.
9 (UPI) -- Women's health brand First Response launched a new pregnancy test that attempts to ease a user's nerves through the help of her smartphone.

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