Love handles – the common, somewhat humorous name given to those extra pounds we carry around our waists. If you are generally thin in the rest of the body but still have those small rolls of fat around your waist, you should be able to reduce them with specific, focused exercises. The best items to include in a “no love handles” diet are lean meats, fruits, vegetables, fish etc. Hey girl, don't toss our those sweatpants: Ryan Gosling will still love you if you wear them! Love handles are biggest hurdle for you to look smart, attractive and physically well-toned.
This collection of extra skin and fat usually comes with age, primarily because we continue to eat the same foods we ate when we are younger. Even a general guideline for the types of foods you should be eating will be better than simply guessing at how many calories you are taking in. If your love handles are small you may see results in a couple of weeks, with the correct combination of diet and exercise.

Created by exercise physiologist and natural bodybuilder, Tom Venuto, it has helped thousands of guys get a body women want to touch.Making a commitment to get rid of belly fat and love handles, or just to get back in shape, takes a combination of good nutrition and intelligent workouts.
The problem comes with age because our metabolism slows down as we age and we don’t exercise as much. Devote a little extra time to determining the calorie content of most of your favorite foods then start cutting things out until you get to something less than 2,000 calories per day. Don’t go below 1,500 calories per day or you could be causing problems with energy and clarity of thought. Aerobic exercise is the key – walking, jogging or similar indoor programs must be used consistently to burn fat.
Sure, you would lose weight at first with just a change in eating habits, but without workouts, your metabolism would grind to a halt because you would not be increasing lean muscle mass.
This type of exercise will give better results than sit-ups, crunches and other abdominal exercise. Exercise allows you to create the calorie deficit and burn fat without slowing down your metabolism.Male belly fat and sloppy love handles have been tied to health issues like erectile dysfunction, high blood pressure, insulin resistance, and heart disease.

This program teaches nutrition habits you can maintain for life.* Burn The Fat - Feed The Muscle is unconventional. You will need discipline to get rid of love handles and even more discipline to keep them from coming back. There is now more incidences of guys in their late 30's and early 40's contracting Type 2 diabetes because of their habitually poor food choices.To make things even worse, women are sexually turned-off by guys who look soft and flabby. Paradoxical as it may seem, the secret to fat loss is to allow yourself to eat more (of the right foods) and use exercise to burn off the fat.* The key to Tom's program is helping you discover how to customize it for yourself. They are bombarded all day on their iPhones and iPads with images of shredded athletes and movie stars. They desire a guy who looks fit, lean, and athletic.Tom's program, which hit online in 2003, is now the premiere diet and exercise plan for men.

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