Tummy fat is an age old problem; an issue that has always been discussed and researched widely upon. It is only through proper diet for burning belly fat and exercises that tummy fat can be arrested and a relatively flat tummy can be achieved. Foods can be of various types in terms of their effect on our bodies. While some foods contribute to increasing body weight and increasing tummy, some other significantly leads to tummy reduction. Ideally the diet for burning belly fat should consist of the ones that do not provoke the trigger of insulin.

High on nutrition, low on fat content these two super foods are perfect for losing belly fat.
Earlier, people opined that spot reduction was a potent means to reduce tummy fat However, with time and experience, people have learnt that tummy fat can never be done away with exclusively unless overall body fat is reduced systematically. The quantity of food intake is not so important; it is the type of food that leaves a substantial effect on your body and your waist, of course.
Fried, oily, greasy, processed, white flour and many others fall under the category and should be avoided.

A stress hormone called cortisol, produced by human bodies often leads to storing excess fats, especially around the waistline.

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