Savvy strength coaches and physical therapists utilize this knowledge to cause muscles to function better at various lengths. In general, a Yoga or Pilates practitioner that eats like a rhino will be obese and they will have higher levels of intramuscular fat compared to a normal person, whereas a sedentary person or weight trained person who eats properly will have lower levels of intramuscular fat storage compared to a normal person. Muscles cannot drastically change length, but strength training is more effective for lengthening muscles than stretching. Gaining flexibility primarily through stretching is overrated for sports performance and is better off gained through dynamic movements that simultaneously improve motor control and stability at long muscle lengths. Attaining extreme levels of flexibility can be problematic and is overrated for general health and performance. Achieving leanness has more to do with diet than exercise, though higher intensity exercise will lead to greater improvements in body composition than Yoga and Pilates. Hi Chris, this is a bit of a hijack on a spirited debate, sorry for that, but your last paragraph caught my eye. I’d agree that you were more lean doing Yoga most likely because the lack of heavier weight training caused a decrease in muscle mass (again, just like the celebs I mentioned in comparison.
Arthur Jones made the same points about strength training and flexibility several years ago.
He explained there that any weight lifting over 15 kg for a women and 30 kg for a man would, on the long run, destroy that person’s pelvic floor.
Sadly this friend of mine is not into weights, so she couldn’t explain him how to perform S, D, HT and BP, and was very concerned about me and my exercise regime. Eric Cressey has just been collaborating with a PT on a study about exactly that topic: pelvic floor and weight training in post partum women. I don’t want to speak for anyone, but I think the reference was for Pilates mat, NOT for a Pilates apparatus (spring based).
Yoga flows are wonderful because they work every muscle of the body, while simultaneously stretching and improving flexibility and blood flow. I found a love for yoga while pregnant and now 4 months postpartum I don’t have quite the energy level yet to do more intense workouts.
I suppose that if you badly break a bone, you could end up with shorter muscles after healing.

It depends on the muscle in question (mainly it’s length), the training status of the muscle, and the amount of time devoted.
Intramuscular adipose tissue is more related to diet and weight than it is exercise, though exercise can indeed help (see HERE). Granted, Yoga and Pilates methods combine stretching and strength training and involve holding poses at long muscle lengths, but proper resistance training involves eccentric contractions and movements that take the joints through their full ranges of motion. As they cant progress resistance as well as strength training does nor uses systematic dynamic training (e.g. They’re all slender, but some have more muscles than the others while still looking lean and slim).
If Yoga works for you, and you like the results and don’t care to build lots of muscle, then keep doing what you enjoy.
With proper (breathing) technique (maybe they even used hypopressive as the professor would wish), almost all women could lift considerably more weight than 15kg (haha) with solid pelvic floors. Sometimes I forget that it is okay to take a rest day and this was refreshing but also i also felt the burn! Resistance training (particularly exercises that sufficiently stretch activated muscles and eccentric contractions) and explosive training will cause muscles to increase in length.
A longer muscle might be able to lengthen several inches in an untrained couch potato if proper training is employed. The truth is depending on the kind of yoga you do, you can build more long muscle fibers than hitting the weights.
So anecdotally speaking – and maybe Bret could chime in here as well – hip thrusts with an additional pelvic floor contraction in the top position could be an excellent tool for people with PF strength needs! Longer muscle moment arms have better leverage, can create more torque, and are better suited for strength, but shorter muscle moment arms shorten more rapidly and are better suited for speed, so there is a trade-off (THIS article addresses the relationship). What’s interesting is that concentric only contractions at short muscle lengths might shorten muscle. Some research shows that length changes come to a halt at around 5-6 weeks of focused training. Therefore, higher intensity exercise such as explosive sports and resistance training are better suited for reducing fat storage all over the body.

Sounds like when you switched from strength training you lost muscle and gained or maintained your current body fat amounts, resulting in a higher body fat percentage.
I think that’s some stuff that other gurus make up to steer women away from weights and toward their method. Strength and conditioning specialist Bret Contreras examines the¬†phenomenon of this wrongly held belief in his article; Long Lean Muscles.
But tampering with attachment points negatively impacts coordination, which is vital for sports performance, so to my knowledge this experimentation was quickly discarded. A challenging yoga class will give you light weight resistance (using your own body weight) for a longer period of time. I don’t agree that yoga lengthens the spine, any muscular contractions from the core muscles creates compressive forces on the spine (yes, I have dozens of papers on this topic from the literature). Sure, a ballerina would benefit from greater flexibility, but still the muscles need to be able to stabilize the joints or else injury will eventually occur.
Maybe resistance training causes you to get hungry and eat more whereas yoga doesn’t, which would explain the improvements in body comp.
Like long distance runners, who have very strong and slender legs due to more slow twitch or long muscle fibers, yoga builds long muscle fibers instead of short fast twitch fibers. She might have gained some fat which is probably good since women need a bit of fat to be healthy, but she probably also lost some short muscle fibers and replaced them with the much more slender long fibers. However, Bledel, Green, and Hathaway look to carry a higher body fat composition and less muscle than Miller, Alba or Aniston. However, I believe my diet was different and had more calories than when I was training in the gym.

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