Hoodia, generically, is one of the most popular and commonly purchased diet pill products from either the high street or the internet. The implications to this were huge for the diet pill industry – until then pharmaceutically produced diet drug such as Phentermine were the only option. Hoodia offered the potency of prescription diet medication but naturally and virtually side effect free.
A decade on and at last count there are well over one hundred diet pill brands that use Hoodia as either one of or as the main ingredient.
For the record, Hoodia is most effective in its purest and undiluted form – any product that uses Hoodia in combination with something else is not truly utilising the benefit. The United States has the biggest portion of the market – 8 out of 10 Hoodia products sold worldwide originate from across the Atlantic.

Although there is nothing ultimately wrong with this, the biggest cause for concern is that 80% of the Hoodia products sold do not contain either authentic, genuine Hoodia or use a diluted Hoodia extract. UK produced Unique Hoodia contains 460mg of raw powder Hoodia within each and every capsule.
Half the available Hoodia products in existence have a CITES certificate, few have CITES and a COA – even fewer have all three. It is generally accepted that pure and raw Hoodia powder is the most effective natural appetite suppressant on the planet with a history of working proof dating back centuries. If the reason why your attempts to lose excess weight have not been successful to date, a most likely cause is your inability to reduce your daily calorie consumption. Hoodia can make you feel fuller sooner, prevents the need or want to snack between meals and can significantly reduce your daily calorific intake.

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