Every child at Camp Shane is treated as part of our family, and our dedication has helped us become the most recognizable brand for children’s weight loss camps.
Camp Shane's newest summer camp is located in Los Olivos, a charming, picturesque town located between the Santa Ynez and Rafael mountains and offers co-ed weight loss camps in two, four or six week increments. Through an overriding commitment to care, parents have entrusted Camp Shane to fight childhood obesity since 1968. Through an easy yet effective nutrition program, focusing on every day foods and portion control, as well as exciting outdoor activities, the children at Camp Shane can expect to not only lose weight and learn how to keep it off, but also have fun, learn new skills and gain the confidence they deserve. Diverse activities available at Camp Shane include sports, fitness, arts and crafts and exciting games and pool recreational activities. Although it is a premier youth weight loss facility, Camp Shane maintains competitive pricing to ensure its services are available to all children who need to lose weight.

Since 1968, Camp Shane runs premiere youth fitness and weight loss camps and has been dedicated to fighting obesity in children and teens. Of course, you don’t have to do the boot camp to benefit from this total body workout.
Push your weight into your heels to keep your hips raised and glutes engaged during the move.
By providing fun and educational activities about healthy living choices, Camp Shane empowers children with the knowledge they need to completely re-shape their lives. In addition to children's weight loss camps, Shane also offers an adult weight loss program in New York, Shane Diet Resorts. Camp Shane also offers an array of cooking and nutritional classes to help children learn the importance of portion control, as well as how to make healthy selections when dining out.

Click California weight loss camp for additional information about Camp Shane California, including an enrollment form and request for a complimentary brochure. Camp Shane offers three weight loss camps, including its new California facility featuring healthy menus, nutrition education, self-esteem building and traditional fun activities. If you are completing the weight loss bootcamp, perform this workout once a week, if you’re not, then 2 to 3 times a week on non-consecutive days. By empowering children with the knowledge and skills they need to make healthy living choices, Camp Shane has helped tens of thousands of children transform their lives and gain the self-confidence they deserve.

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