Grip strength is extremely useful in so many ways…the stronger your grip, the heavier the weight you can lift and the longer you can hold it.
Get a bucket and some playground sand from a home improvement store (it's about 3 or 4 bucks for a bag of 50 lbs so it's really not expensive). If you can't afford a fancy gripper, just get an old tennis ball and squeeze it repeatedly while you're watching TV. A technique I like to use is to get some foam pipe insulation from the hardware store, cut off a couple of 5 inch sections then set THOSE on the bar.
You'll get a great stretch in your upper body and you'll improve your grip strength at the same time. Our mission is to help athletes succeed by offering them the best, next-generation nutritional supplements available. As the future approaches, our scientists are developing nutritional supplements for Soccer, Running, Basketball, Baseball and Hockey.

We at BSN are here to provide you the customer with the most unique and effective formulas and performance supplements ever developed.
It's not glamorous, it's hard work, it takes time away from more "viewable" bodyparts, and the training it takes to really get results can be downright painful! You can also use a couple of EZ Curl bars loaded up and get the benefits of the Farmer's Walk AND the barbell static holds. Gripping around a thicker bar puts a very different stress on the grip and forearms, resulting in fast improvements in those areas.
Grip on those when you're doing you're training and you'll notice a big different in forearm activation (it's dirt-cheap and TEMPORARY, which is nice if you train in a commercial gym which would frown on you wrapping duct tape around their bars). This will hit the forearms very strongly AND, as you fatigue, your grip will get a great workout because it's the only thing keeping the bar from dropping out of your hands (not the case with regular barbell curls). Our goal is to take the mystery out of choosing the right nutritional supplements for your specific sport.

Our bio-engineered supplements will provide you with that extra edge that is needed to obtain the body you have always wanted, helping you achieve results fast and with ease! We hope that our example will encourage other companies, big and small, to commit to a healthier environment. It's fine to use grip assistance once in awhile and for maximum lifts, but the more you rely on them, the less grip strength and forearm development you'll get.
BSN is committed to setting new standards in product development and becoming a leader in the supplement industry.

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