Belly fat accumulates just beneath the skin and deep within the abdomen surrounding the organs. Your body burns a certain amount of calories per day naturally, which is called your basal metabolic rate, or BMR. It takes a bit longer to melt away belly fat with exercise compared to dietary changes, and this is because it’s tougher to burn calories than to restrict the calories you consume in the first place. Moderate exercise performed at about 55 to 65-percent of your maximum heart rate burns the highest percentage of fat calories compared to other exercise intensities. Reducing your caloric intake and exercising regularly are the two ways to naturally reduce both types of fat around your waistline, and both strategies take time to produce results — think weeks, not days.

Modifying your diet leads to quicker results compared to exercise, but a combination of both strategies will help melt away the fat even faster. Once the energy generated from carbohydrates is used up in the body, your body pulls from fat stores. High-intensity training burns more total calories overall during a workout, so it’s also an effective belly fat-burning strategy. Both types of exercise can help you reduce belly fat, but with high intensity exercise the results will become apparent within a week or two of steady training three-to-five days per week.
Your body pulls fat from all of your body; you can’t control which part of your body the fat comes from.

You can burn away excess belly fat quicker by focusing on a whole-body approach to weight loss rather than trying to target the abdominal area with crunches and situps.

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