Health-related: A diet which excludes meat tends to be low in saturated fat and cholesterol, and a diet high in fruit and vegetables offers extra fiber, vitamins and minerals. Ethical: Vegans generally believe that it is wrong to exploit and use animals for our gain.
Health-related: A vegan diet has similar health benefits to a vegetarian one, though some adherents report increase energy from adopting a diet that excludes all animal produce. Environmental: Keeping farm animals to produce eggs and milk products still requires far more resources than just growing grain, fruit and vegetables. Choose a dish which is vegetable-based, such as a vegetable curry, or pasta with a tomato and vegetable sauce.
I made the switch to being a vegan six months ago and in the process lost sixty pounds and feel better than I ever have.

So if anyone is interested in a Vegetarian or Vegan Diet, do your research and find out which legumes, or greens are specifically rich in the important nutrients that you previously depended on through animal products.
I really don’t want to lose the enjoyment of vegetable dishes I have eaten, since they have been very enjoyable to my new palate. I am fifteen years old, and for the past three or four years, I’ve been careful about what I eat, and have been an on-and-off vegetarian. The vegetarians in my life have tended to have funny breath, a lack of muscle, and a lack of energy. I have been vegetarian and mostly vegan with a high pfor about 14 years and have been eating a high percentage of raw foods for about the last 3 years. True vegetarians count any dead creature as meat, though semi-vegetarians relax this (for example, pescetarians eat fish).

Vegans eat no meat, nor do they eat any products that come from animals, such as eggs, milk and honey. Unlike vegetarian and veganism, it doesn’t necessarily involve eliminating animal products (though the majority of raw foodists are also vegetarian or vegan).
Five moths ago, I eliminated red meat from my diet completely, and two weeks ago, I became a 100% raw vegan.
I am also considering throwing in more raw into my diet as I can see the benefits of being raw.

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