Bodybuilding requires your body to be in a constant tissue repair mode, which means you need to be steadily supplying nutrition for your body to build new muscle tissue and to recharge its glycogen supply. Protein is the main building block to support the muscle you currently have and to provide enough to allow your body to recover and grow from strenuous training sessions.
My definition of a bodybuilder is simply an individual who strives to build muscle and lose fat, to any degree of muscularity or leanness. Nervertheless, we make mistakes that take our muscle building progress off course and we hit a dead end.
The key to building bigger muscles is to understand that progress is synonymous with results.

Small incremental progressions add up, and over time and those many small progressions result in a massive and very noticeable difference in your muscularity. Not only are you stressing your metabolic system when you train your muscles but you’re stressing your hormonal system, immune system, and nervous system — three systems that take longer to recover than your metabolic system.
Most bodybuilders grow faster when favoring five or six mini-meals instead of two or three huge meals.  To build muscle, your daily caloric intake should be at least your bodyweight multiplied by seventeen.
If bigger muscles are your goal, it’s not acceptable to use any type of momentum that takes tension off the targeted muscle.
To develop a physique with a well-balanced look, you’ll need to stop neglecting the less developed muscles on your body.

Even with perfect nutrition, optimal lifting technique and great supplementation, lifting is very stressful on your joints. Bodybuilders focus on constant tension of the working muscle and focus on squeezing it through a full range of motion and will never sacrifice tension for load.

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