Many of you may not have heard of the term diet induced thermogenesis and put simply, it is the process of rapidly increasing your metabolism through the intake of certain foods. As you can probably guess from the root word “thermo”, thermogenesis has to do with the process of heating up your body internally. Through thermogenesis, people not only have the power to boost their metabolism and see weight loss results, but there also is the additional benefit of increased energy. Because many of the thermogenic foods are low in calories, you can understand why switching these in for more calorie dense options will give a weight loss advantage.
Tobasco and other pepper sauces: Chilis are known for their thermogenic effect, and Tobasco sauce, in particular, has been shown to raise one’s metabolism and subsequently burn up to 76 calories thereafter, compared to a still impressive 45 calories with other chili sauces. In addition to these natural food options, there are of course supplements that are available for you to take. I am glad I got to read this post as I was not aware of diet-induced thermogenesis or eating certain foods which can increase your metabolism.
Hello Felicia, eating thermogenic foods in small amounts and frequently, boost your metabolism! Some of these foods that promote this effect, which are referred to as thermogenic foods, have been recommending for those with the particular goal of weight loss.

Certain thermogenic foods have this power to increase your temperature and this effect may have various health benefits. It is no surprise that it is also another thermogenic food item as many studies have supported this theory. If you have a goal in mind, integrating some of these thermogenic foods may definitely help you, but there are also other aspects of diet and exercise to consider. I will try out Green tea and research more on low-fat protein foods which are usually available in our area. If you have a weight loss goal in mind, understanding the power of thermogenesis and thermogenic foods, may help you jumpstart your fat smashing journey. Most of the processed foods we eat today are dragging us down and turning us into lethargic creatures. So for example, if you consume 1,000 calories worth of food, it may take you 100 calories to burn that food, on average.
Although thermogenic foods tend to be low in calorie and high in thermic effect, there is no such thing as a negative calorie food, which is often a myth that comes along with this topic. The total amount of energy used throughout this process is called the thermic effect of food.

By replacing some of these foods with natural thermogenic ones, you will likely notice a big difference in your attitude, energy and your waistlines. Truly thermogenic foods can increase this effect to 20% as seen with high fiber fruits and veggies, and even 30% with protein.
Chromium picolinate is another substance that affects the glucose in particular, so it consequently effects the metabolism of carbohydrates. Some foods are therefore, more thermogenic than others and as you may guess, most of these are lower calorie options.
Take this into consideration when trying to boost your metabolism through some of these thermogenic foods.
The list of thermogenic foods are those that often require more energy (calories) to metabolize compared to the amount of calories contained in the food item. Doing a little additional research on these and their specific effects may help you narrow down a selection that is right for you.

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