Jay Robb's New Fat Burning Diet Made Easy Provides the Secret to Eating Carb-Rich Meals at Night to Help You Dream Away the Pounds While You Sleep! Eating carbohydrates at night was once considered a dieting disaster, but an innovative new weight-loss plan reveals how dieters can eat high-carb, calorie-rich meals at dinnertime to lose weight while they sleep. On the Fat Burning Diet Made Easy, a dieter's evening meal contains the greatest amount of carbohydrates and the highest calorie content of the day. The Fat Burning Diet Made Easy provides a simple fat-burning meal plan that supplies dieters with a variety of recipes and food choices for meals so that counting calories becomes a thing of the past.
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Jay Robb, clinical nutritionist and author of the best-selling Fat Burning Diet, has created The Fat Burning Diet Made Easy: a simple weight-loss plan disclosing the secret to feasting on carbohydrate-rich foods at night as a way to burn unwanted fat. The carb-laden dinner meal curbs hunger so that the dieter can go to bed without feeling hungry.
He has served professionally for the past 28 years as a fitness club owner, motivational speaker, nutritional consultant, author, magazine columnist, educator, and CEO of Jay Robb Enterprises Inc., a nutrition company famous for its protein powders, books, and nutritional products. The meal also causes the body to produce the serotonin necessary for a good night's rest and helps to reload glycogen (energy stores). The fat-burning cycle begins at approximately midnight and continues well into the next day.

The Fat Burning Diet Made Easy restricts carbohydrates at breakfast and lunch to deplete glycogen levels, which keep the body in a fat-burning mode throughout the day. Eating a carbohydrate-laden meal in the evening can also provide the body with sleep-enhancing serotonin. The fat-burning cycle begins again each night while the dieter is sleeping and continues until another high-carbohydrate meal is consumed the next day at dinner.

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