Our Slimming Tea is specifically formulated to assist you in meeting your weight-loss goals and may help lower your cholesterol, reduce excess water retention and bloating all whilst cleansing the liver and kidneys. Founded in 1970, PT SINAR SOSRO is the first bottled ready-to-drink tea in Indonesia and the world.The basic value or philosophy of PT.
Tea with upstream Phu As Herb Tea Wonders that nature bestowed To maintain a healthy balance in life because of teas scented with herbs . Tea with the upstream mountain It is a product that combines the properties of various herbs. Drinking Tea with upstream Phu No constipation Or insomnia Like drinking Chinese tea generally.
Tea with the upstream mountain Enclose a check for tea Pour hot water over it and put it to the left . Tea with upstream Phu Has been elaborated through various herbal blends them together in the right ratios .

A friend recommended your slimming tea after I tried expensive diet pills featured on TV, none of these diet pills worked not even a kilo down. It is called in pattern of mixing herbs togetther and preparing with hot water like making tea. The stimulation subsystem And food absorption Help relax the nervous system Or help transporting food to nourish the body and help maintain heart expel heat in the body and reduce pain and fever as well .
I saw your tea advertised online and have been drinking it for the last month, it is definitely helping me feel healthy.
If anyone known tea's property or has sipped it only one cup, it is very difficult to refuse the next cups.
Reduce fat in blood and has efficiency in dissolving red blood coagulation and accommodate.
Scent of herbal tea, including benefits and properties of each herb, has immense worth for treating health problem and balancing body.

Tehbotol Sosro uses as its ingredients: water, industrial sugar and green tea combined with jasmine and gambier (known as fragrant tea). It is effective in reviving and stimulating digesting system and helps increase the efficiency of nutrient absorption.
Helps to reduce absorption (If you drink roselle tea before drinking liquor, it will delay feeling drunk) Inhibit and growth and Aflatoxin production of ASPERGILLUS FLAVUS.
Organic acids in Roselle (Comic acid, citricacid, malilc acid and tartaric acid) help to reduce fat in blood.
The skin will become refreshed, streshed and lively, body and prevent the access flours and sugars changes to be fat accumulated in the body.

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