Indigenous to Africa and Asia, the tamarind tree known botanically as Tamarindus Indica belongs to the family of  fabacea. Tamarind profuse with potent antioxidant substances, complete  vitamins, C, A, k, E prove beneficial for skin. Extract tamarind juice from30 grams tamarind soaked in 150 ml water for about ten to fifteen minutes. Prepare a moisturising toner by boiling 15 grams of tamarind in water on slow heat for fifteen minutes. Apply tamarind extract with a pinch of turmeric and milk on the dark circles under the eyes.

To alleviate dark skin patches particularly on the neck, blend one teaspoon each of rosewater, honey and thick tamarind extract. Combine two teaspoons of tamarind extract with one teaspoon each of lime juice and sugar along with half teaspoonfuls of baking soda. Despite the fact that Tamarind being a natural product suits all skin types, it is imperative to take a patch test for sensitive skin as they are acidic in nature likely to cause irritation. The perfect blend of Indian spices with the tart sweetness of tamarind juice surely make mouths water. However, synthetically produced acids have a possible risk of causing skin irritation while the natural ones as found in the sweetish tamarind fruits are considered absolutely safe.

Nevertheless, besides their use as a mere cooking ingredient, tamarind also makes a superb ingredient for pampering skin. Besides, the tamarind fruit pulp consists of a wide array of AHAs namely malic acid, citric acid, lactic acid and tartaric acid.

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