Muscle mass is extremely difficult to preserve and it’s harder when working on bodybuilding when cutting fat for a contest. There are various types of supps that work on different functions such as building muscles, getting lean, pre-workout supplements, supplements that makes you lose weights, etc.
Amy Hector and Stuart Phillips from McMaster University in Canada, and colleagues, found that whey protein supplements could prevent decreases in muscle protein synthesis during weight loss.
You can appreciate the importance of fasted morning cardio and the concept that “sweat is fat crying.” Dieting does result in metabolic adaptations that may be counterproductive to your goals.
As we go into any caloric deficit to burn fat, our bodies try to adjust by slowing down our metabolism and conserving energy. Promoting mobilization and metabolism of fats The main mechanism for enhancing most of these objectives in our bodies is the activation of the sympathetic nervous system (SNS). Whey protein effectively prevents decreases in muscle protein synthesis during weight loss.

We know that there isn’t a magic pill that will let us sit on our asses and eat burgers while getting lean.
The SNS is the system that produces adrenalin (epinephrine) and noradrenaline (norepinephrine, NE).
Unfortunately, this very effective and synergistic combination of compounds is no longer legal since the U.S.
The premise of the combo was to hit the SNS from multiple angles.1 Ephedrine stimulated the release of NE, just like exercise and fear. Caffeine and other alkaloids (theobromine, theophylline, etc.) prevent the NE signal from being turned off .
Other compounds can prevent the breakdown of NE (polyphenols like green tea catechins inhibit COMT, or catechol- O-methyltransferase) or further turn on the signal from NE on its target tissues like the fat cell, muscle and heart (forskolin, xanthines). BAT is much more metabolically active than the “white adipose tissue” that creates our insulation and spare tires.

Fortunately, we can turn on BAT with environmental changes (lower the room temperature), food changes (eat more protein) and supplements (capsaicinoids, melatonin, etc.). Other supplements say they turn on thyroid hormone, reduce conversion of sugars to fats, and decrease the absorption of fats or sugar.
In the remainder of this article, I will lay out some data on common and up-and-coming fat-loss supplements.

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