Super Fat Burning Bomb adopts international advanced high-tech biological low temperature extraction. Super Fat Burning Bomb can speed up fat metabolism and decomposition, burn excess fat cells, while simultaneously preventing the digestive system from absorbing and integrating fat into the blood stream.
Super fat burning bomb G4 improves formula based on the G3, with American newly weight loss element of fat burning enzyme which is Konjac mannan and lots of vitamin. Fast weight loss, the effect on thigh, buttock, waist, belly, arm and face and other fatty parts is obvious, no rebound.

New formula, new techniques, super concentration, once a day, one capsule each time, take convenience. In addition to simple fat, Super Fat Burning Bomb is more suitable for postpartum obesity and rebound after many times reducing fat. High-energy active fat burning elements are extracted from pepper and herbal essence, which have a positive effect on waist, belly and other body part fat reduction.
Regulating fat metabolism and decomposition helps achieve the maximum effect of weight-loss.

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