Their 'high strength' rating means this product is specifically designed for regular users of fat burners, or for people wanting to speed up their rate of fat loss in a much quicker timescale.
7 x SHOCKING ingredients that fat cells HATE, super-concentrated into 1 capsule, melting them on impact. Each Platinum RX capsule contains the very latest ingredients, delivered in the perfect dosage to ensure a rate of fat loss you never thought possible. A potent dual stack of Superdrol and M-LMG in one capsule - promotes dramatic muscle mass and strength gains. T5's offer powerful fat burning without the crash some alternative fat burners can produce.

T6's are a potent thermogenic fat burner - powerful ingredients that strip fat, reduce appetite and cravings and also provide an energy boost. One XS Weight Loss Pills contain appetite suppressants and fat burners all in one convenient pill.
Better yet, they’re made in the USA, in an FDA approved, GMP-certified lab, with fast acting ingredients. For those perhaps looking to reduce body fat levels or manage weight then you will be please to see Extreme Labs' new line of fat burners which we are proud to stock. Following a healthy diet and lifestyle will also help keep the weight off when you finish using StripFast.

What ever your goal, weight loss or muscle gain, strength or conditioning and what ever your status, advanced athlete or casual gym member, Extreme Labs is a great choice! The most important thing is that you have to be strong mentally and you need to be motivated. And another thing is though they burn their fat, but they didn’t achieve their desire goal.

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