I was particularly motivated because the 90 Day Low Carb Challenge kicks off today, and I wanted to step into it on the right foot. The next morning was a beautiful breakfast buffet complete with potatoes, fruit, juice, pastries and all the usual carbs & sugar you find on a buffet!
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There were definitely some weak moments and some tempting cheats on the trip, but I was resolved to eat low carb and managed to stick to it through the entire trip.

It was fun though, and I was with a group of friends – one that eats Vegetarian and another that eats Gluten Free, and of course Low Carb for me.
While I would normally enjoy a low carb wine choice, I wanted to avoid the alcohol stall since I just started back two weeks ago.
Waking up thinner this morning after a week of traveling, take-out, buffets, Italian meals and catered dinners was a serious low carb victory! I shared my lunch in this post, which was a major carb buffet that I had to get really creative with.

I have no idea what kind of sauce was poured over it, or the ingredients & carb count, but I went ahead and ate it.

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