Spirulina from polluted sources can lead to severe side effects by building up excess levels of lead, mercury and cadmium in your system. A 2006 study of mice shows that intake of spirulina can decrease bone mineral density under estrogen-deficient conditions (1). When starting with spirulina supplementation you might experience what is perceived as spirulina side effects due to natural processes spirulina may trigger, like detoxification of the body or the enzymatic and probiotic effects on the digestive system.
High-quality spirulina is considered relatively safe and even recommended during pregnancy.
Look for well established and trusted brands that provide you with relevant information about production, quality and safety to avoid spirulina side effects. Spirulina is useful in human nutrition, due to the high quality and quantity of its protein.

An excessive dose of b-carotene may be toxic, but when the b-carotene is ingested from the Spirulina or another vegetable it is usually harmless since the human organism only converts into vitamin A the quantity it needs. Spirulina does not have cellulose in its cell wall, a feature that makes it an appropriate and important foodstuff for people with problems of poor intestinal absorption, and geriatric patients. Low-quality spirulina can also easily become contaminated by animal hairs and insect fragments.
It is therefore plausible that Tavita Barbasco Plus, a natural and effective hormone balancing supplement with tens of thousands of users in Scandinavia, should be recommended to women over 40 years taking spirulina supplements. Spirulina is a very rich source in vitamin B12, and that is a reason why these Cyanobacteria are of great value for people needing supplements in the treatment of pernicious anemia.
You always want to make sure that you get high-quality spirulina nutrition from quality supplements like Liqua Spirulina.

Scientists say up to 50 grams spirulina per day could be safe, but the recommended dosage usually varies between 1 to 8 grams per day depending on quality. Combining Barbasco Plus with Liqua Health has resulted in many media published testimonials in Norway. However, if you are an insulin dependent diabetic or type 2 diabetic you should consider consulting your physician before taking spirulina.

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