For personal trainer Lindsay Cappotelli, a protein shaker filled with a scoop of her favorite protein powder and a baggie of nuts suits her well on the run. Protein is the number-one nutrient for sparking muscle growth, so that's a no-brainer in any portable snack. IFBB pro Elissa Martis likes to whip up her own on-the-go snack to grab when she's short on time.
I've heard about the benefits of protein powder in muscle building, but then people say it's vile to taste LOL That's the reason i have yet to try it.

Protein power can definitely be a huge boost in muscle development and in the work out we do. The addition of a healthy fat, such as nuts or seeds, provides a boost in essential nutrients and helps slow down digestion, ensuring that you feel full for hours to come. Packing enough meals for the week is one thing, but ensuring you have the snacks to support muscle growth throughout the day is another, often forgotten, piece of the puzzle. The athletes of Team MuscleTech are here to share some of their favorite lean, mean, muscle-building snacks.

By balancing his protein intake with a handful of calorie-dense, nutrient-heavy cashews, Hobbs has the perfect snack to aid satiety and provide muscle-building support. Like Martis, Webb makes a big batch in advance to kick her week off with a macro-friendly, portable snack that makes it easy to stay on track.

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