There are so many great ways to mix the Fat Loss powder with your favorite food or beverage—it’s hard to choose one—so try all these great recipes! Many people enjoy blending the powder into a fruit smoothie for breakfast along with the meal replacement drink mix for lunch or dinner. REAL PEOPLE REAL STORIESHello, Tracy here since getting started on the fat loss program I have lost 30kg and a massive 93cm from all over her body.

If you’re looking for more exciting ways to enjoy the powder in a tasty way—try one of these great recipes below!
He has been able to release 3kg of fat so far but the thing Paul loves the most is the fact that he has not only kept his lean muscle but has increased it. His work mates have been commenting on how good he looks and they can't believe he hasn't been going to the gym to achieve the results he has gotten.

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