Skip the tortillas and layer your taco fillings onto protein-rich quinoa in this healthy vegetarian bowl dinner recipe. This healthy dinner salad recipe gets its staying power from protein-packed shrimp and fiber-rich barley. Chimichurri—a bright, herby sauce served across Argentina—is the perfect healthy sauce for an easy salmon dinner. In this healthy fish recipe, meaty swordfish gets a dusting of herbs before being pan-seared. This collection of quick and healthy dinner recipes ready in 30 minutes or less will help you satisfy your family, so get cooking!

Serve this Italian-inspired chicken with roasted broccoli rabe and creamy polenta to round out this elegant meal. With a simple red-wine vinaigrette, this quick salad makes just one serving but is easy to double or triple.
This recipe uses parsley but feel free to try your favorite combination of herbs, such as basil, mint or cilantro. The flavorful liquid retains a touch of the pasta’s starch, which helps your sauce cling to the pasta in this healthy pasta recipe.
Then it’s served on top of a healthy escarole and white bean salad with a lemon-Dijon vinaigrette.

Just add a salad, simple side dish or quick-cooking whole grain like couscous or quinoa to round out these easy healthy dinner recipes.
Our quick and easy dinner recipes, including quick chicken recipes, quick pasta dinners and more quick dinner ideas, are perfect for putting a healthy dinner on the table when you're crunched for time.

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