The book includes specific checklists for dealing with the procedures, treatments, preparation, and follow-up that breast cancer patients require, including lumpectomy, mastectomy, reconstruction, post-surgery recovery, drainage care, pain management, infusion port insertion, prosthesis purchase, chemotherapy, radiation, Herceptin, Tamoxifen, Lupron, aromatase inhibitors, triple-negative diagnoses, lymphedema management, and clinical trials. A sample of blood dispatched to a laboratory equipped with FISH Technology will predict or negate with 85% accuracy the subsequent development of breast cancer. Changing lifestyles have brought in their wake a situation where young ladies begin menstruating averagely at 12 yrs rather than 14 yrs, plan marriage not before 30 yrs and usually do not contemplate pregnancy before 30 – 35 yrs. Ironic yet true that despite these being signs of relative advancement, women folk sit on it further for insane reasons like embarrassment, indifference or fear of the ominous.
Young ladies after they turn 20 need to feel their breasts and the respective armpits for not more than 20 minutes once every month, preferably a week after their periods in the privacy of their bedrooms or bathrooms.
Every woman above the age of 35 must submit herself to a breast examination by a doctor or a trained nurse practitioner once every three years.

Obesity, apart from being a disease in itself predisposes women to breast and uterine cancer so does alcohol when consumed in excess of 3 to 7 drinks a week.
Before anyone throws up their arms in helplessness, 85% of breast cancer arises sporadically perhaps because of factors well within human control.
Usage of estrogen alone oral contraceptive pills continuously for more than 4 years and estrogen alone hormone replacement therapy for more than 10 years are scientifically proven offenders.
The third cardinal life saver is a special type of x-ray of the breast called mammography which is known to discover a lump 2 yrs before it is felt.
Breast ultrasound is the investigation of choice in this setting, if one is not to go wrong. Since mammography can detect 90 percent of breast cancer in older women, it is currently advocated for use once a year above 35 yrs of age.

Soon, some time in future appropriate response is anticipated in the form of declining trends of breast cancer incidence and mortality in India.
Undoubtedly intracommunity or ethnic group attitudes to marriage, childbirth, inbreeding, must be held responsible for the highest breast cancer attack rates in Parsis followed by Sindhis, Christians and Moslems in that order.

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