The amount of potassium in a fruit- and vegetable-rich diet is not dangerous for pateints taking lisinopril. Potassium is often taken as a dietary supplement, although those supplements should not be taken in combination with lisinopril. Patients with congestive heart failure are most at risk for complications from hyperkalemia.
Patients should not only avoid combining lisinopril and potassium supplements, but should also monitor the potassium content of their diet while taking lisinopril.

Potassium is often taken as a dietary supplement, which may reduce blood pressure in some individuals, although scientific studies on this subject are inconclusive. For most adults, the daily recommended allowance of dietary potassium is 4.7 grams, which is around the amount in a healthy fruit- and vegetable-rich diet and is generally not dangerous for patients taking lisinopril. Before taking lisinopril, patients should inform their doctor of all medications they take, including over-the-counter medicines and dietary supplements. Since patients with high blood pressure are often instructed to reduce their sodium intake, they should be especially aware of the potassium content of these foods, which might otherwise seem healthy.

A pharmacist or doctor can provide information about the specific amount of potassium that individual patients can safely consume while taking lisinopril.

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