If you’re serious about building slabs of new muscle, and you want stellar results like all these guys got for free, keep your eyes glued to this post for the next few minutes. Your muscles will have no reason to grow if you don’t place them under ever-increasing demand. The necessary recruitment and stimulation of the maximum number of muscle fibers comes in those last few, almost-impossible reps of a set.
Compound exercises are crucial, they involve many muscle groups simultaneously and allow you to lift pretty heavy loads.
No you don’t need astronomical amounts of protein to build muscle, but you do need more than the average guy. And if you're a fan of delicious high-protein recipes to fuel your muscle growth, check out his cook book 'Buff Baking' here. Also, if your goal is to build muscle, the cardio is counter-productive, especially done BEFORE your weight-training, just mind-boggling as to why that was recommended. I think you forgot the bicep in your 5-day routine above–I know you love your cable preacher curls, so I’m sure it was an oversight!

Intense sunlight is required for the body to build up a tan, which is its way of protecting your skin against further sunlight stress.
The workout produces microtears in the muscle tissue which stimulates the process of repair and growth to begin when the workout is over.
If using a split routine, you’ll train each body part once a week but do more sets per workout.
Do 10 weeks of the 3-Day Routine, take a week off and rest, then do 10 weeks of the 5-Day Routine. In order to maximize muscle gains you need to take a well-deserved break every now and then. Isolation movements allow a muscle to be worked along its Line of Pull, thereby recruiting 100% of its fibers. In this article I show the 2 best ways to find out how much protein you need to build muscle at an optimal rate.
Building Muscle can be made needlessly complicated by some people, it’s always good for a refresher on what actually works.

One thing that i would add is to avoid overworking a muscle, let the muscle rest for AT LEAST one day in between workouts otherwise you’re wasting your time.
Although local muscle recovery doesn’t require this length of time, full SYSTEMIC recovery requires a full week off after about 10 weeks of continuous training. The defense mechanism of building more muscle mass is only triggered by high intensity training.
So tear up the muscle in the gym, then rest and let nature take its course if you want optimal growth.

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