After visiting London this summer and enjoying an extravagant Afternoon Tea, I became inspired to make buttery, sweet scones. Friend of Heat Beads® BBQ Briquettes & organiser of the Great Victorian Camp Oven Festival, Lee Clarke, shares his scrumptious Camp Oven Scones recipe. Cut with a scone cutter (or cut into squares with a knife), brush tops lightly with a little extra milk and place in a lightly greased ovenproof dish. We love the slight tang of sourdough, when I saw your recipe I thouht of serving them with a hearty stew and a generous pad of butter.

I love scones and am intrigued at the thought of using sourdough to make them…lovely looking scones there! I love scones – and they are such a nice treat to offer guests, even at really short notice. Celia sent me my sourdough starter and I have had an amazing amount of fun making using it not only for bread but for  muffins and brownies as well. I have been perfecting a recipe to use in my bread maker and I can report back that it works amazingly well.

When I realized it was scone week I decided straight away to use Cordelia to make my scones.
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