Radishes and celery are both super low in calories and fat, and as they are 95% water, they make great snack potential in comparison to other popular healthy snacks like  nuts, rice cakes and grapes. These natural beauties make fantastic portable snacks – their crunch factor makes them a great healthy option. Celery has long been regarded as an ideal food for those trying to manage their weight due to its really high water content, however it’s also a really good source of potassium and high in calcium too – which is important for healthy bones, blood pressure and nerve function. This trip will take us to some pretty amazing places where nature makes you feel empowered and free.
Earlier this summer, I spent one of the most amazing and healthiest travel weekends of my life at the Four Seasons Baltimore.
For the sake of being accurate, let's call these dangerous deodorants what they really are, which is antiperspirants. I make yoga dates with my girlfriends constantly because I feel like I get the most quality time with them during this workout than any other. Both are very low in sugars, especially when compared to grapes, often eaten as a ‘healthy’ snack.
They are low in energy and packed with nutritional properties, fibre, vitamins and minerals.  And you can afford to dip them in some seriously tasty – and really healthy  –  dips with a completely clear conscience. But the real highlight was scoring my room at the Four Seasons for their celebration of Global Wellness Day, which was served up as a full week of fit & healthy activities.

When Katya first reached out to me and shared a bit of her life with me, I was really impressed with her background and how she left a traditional career path to pursue an endeavor her heart was stuck on (racing).
Now that crazy party church is home to David Barton Gym and LimeLight shops where health and fashion are king and "queen" (it's in Chelsea, so I had to). I like to uncover the healthiest and most active things going on in the places I travel to, and I always prefer to go off the beaten path. I'm feeling really grateful for 2.5 years of working with them to report on the hottest fitness trends happening nation-wide. To be honest, I have more health goals than I can count on 5 sets of hands, so I'll keep it short and sweet. 8 years ago I left a career in corporate advertising to pursue my dream of reporting on health & fitness.
She presented her "Search Don't Rescue" collection, which really appealed to me because I'm a huge fan of monochromatic, flowy dresses and pairings. Graffiti Beasts leggings feature the art of real street artists whose art can be seen on the streets of Lisbon, Barcelona, Milan, New York City and many more cities across the world. A really astounding young lady and go-getter herself, Katya Meyers, created the interview series to share what happens behind the scenes in the lives of successful health & wellness oriented professionals. Spirit Junkie and the book A Return To Love by Marianne Williamson really helped open her mind and heart to all the amazing possibilities that can happen when someone chooses love over fear.

Since May of 2009, I've been on a mission to take everything I learned and experienced from my advertising career and turn into something truly positive that will help women embrace health & wellness.
I also wanted to take a moment to tell all of you that I'm always here to answer your questions about health & wellness so feel free to contact me. Let's just say I ended up falling in love with waist training, which is something I really didn't expect. Fact of my life: my toiletry bag + makeup bag + hair dryer and roundbrushes = most of the weight in my suitcase. Come join our healthy party with cocktails from SkinnyGirl and Juice Press, and wine sorbet from Frosae Wine Sorbae, which is basically FROZEN WINE! Since I'm the healthy one in my familia, they count on me to contribute an interesting veggie concoction that wows their taste buds. She told me to choose my deodorant wisely because many popular brands pose health risks, especially to women.
Check me out in Lacroix Sparkling Water's new campaign called "Start A Healthy Relationship", which can be seen on the Lacroix website and in several fitness & health publications like Oxygen Magazine.

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